Bogdan Family

bogdan1Cătălina, Alina’s mother, was born here, in an adjacent cottage forgot about the weather, which now doesn’t else exist. When Alina was just a child it was built the house in which now live the six members of the family.

“I had a very difficult life. My husband was an unskilled worker in Stei. He poured concrete all day. I worked in marble factory in Vascãu cutting blocks of marble. We raised three children without support from anybody” says Cătălina.

Of the three children, Alina still lives here, in her parents house. The eldest brother has lived in Arad for 14 years, and the eldest sister has lived in Timisoara for seven years.

When Alina was still little, the older siblings went away to school to Arad and Alina remained alone home to take care of the house until evening when the father returned. When I came home from school and nobody was home, I had to light the fire, clean, and feed the animals. The most difficult time was when my mother was bedridden for a very long time. She didn’t leave the hospital for five weeks.

“They were some of the most difficult periods. The house has been like this for as long as I can remember. I changed the thatch bed with thatch with these with mattresses” continue Alina.


My first marriage ended because my husband refused to live in conditions like that.” In the two rooms stay 6 family members. In the bed inside the entrance and next to the kitchen sleeps Cătălina with the one big girl and in another bed Pavel. In the other room Antonio sleeps in one bed and in Marius and Alina in the other. Even if there is dirt on the ground in both rooms, the house is clean and neat, as much as can can be an old house of 60 years. The furniture old: An armior and cupboards for dishes, places for Bianca’s books, a table, 2 beds, a stove and 2 chairs made by Luțu, Anca’s father, adorns the room from the entrance. The other room has nothing, just some dressers with clothing. Antonio only has some Lego cubes for toys with which he builds cottages, because his dream is to have a house like his friends do in the village. When the workers from Casa Draga Casa entered our gate, the first thing Antonio asked them was “when can you build us a house?” Alina learned about Casa Draga Casa from a work colleague and she went to fill out an application. We were brought to tears when we found out that they were selected among the happy beneficiaries to have a house. It was very tough and i was very pleased that they were to have a good house. – says Iulița, a neighbor who came to help Cătălina to make pies for the workers.

Gentlemen, what is this? You do wonders! I was speechless when I saw what you had done here! – says Florica, a neighbours.

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