Farcut Family

The Farcut Family Story

farcut_miziesIn 2003, Casa Draga Casa built it’s first house in Mizieş for the Heredea family. While helping Geta Heredea to cook pastries for the volunteers, Viorina came in contact for the first time with volunteers. Ever since they have hoped to have the chance to work for a house like Geta’s, but they never ventured to call Casa Draga Casa. They finally tried after they saw how happy the Heredea family is and how good their new home has been for their children.

Ioan was born in their house, which was built by his parents in 1946 from fired adobe bricks. The house consists of two rooms and a hall. One of the rooms serves as a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Until 2004 when running water was introduced to the village and they installed a tap in their courtyard, they had to wait in line at the communal fountain to carry home buckets of water for cooking, drinking and cleaning.

God blessed them with six children, of which Viorel is the youngest. He suffers from a condition that leaves him paralyzed on his left side, and causes him many problems with his legs. He may be the happiest of all to finally have a room all to himself, where he won’t be cold and will have a bathroom just like his friends have.

„In this old house we are always sick. We have no floor, just dirt, which is always wet and cold. It’s really hard for us to live here, especially now that we aren’t young anymore,” says Viorina.

Because the house is so old the walls are falling apart, exposing the family to the risk that one of them might collapse on them. Dust falls from through the wholes in the ceiling onto the table, their beds and their food. The house’s foundation was made from wood and has since rotten away, causing the house to list to one side. They have never had a real floor, just dirt. Neither have they had a bathroom, just a outhouse in their courtyard.

When I learned that Casa Draga Casa was going to help us build a house, I was so happy that I was brought to tears. We couldn’t give Viorel all that he deserves, but now we know that his life will be better. He prays everyday for all the volunteers and children that helped us to realize our dream to have a healthy home.

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