Keri Family


“I’ve been living in this building for the past 20 years. I used to work at “Infratirea” (the factory who owned the building before) up until 1991, when I fell ill and had to retire. I’ve been living in worse conditions ever since but now I was blessed to be selected for a Casa Draga Casa home. My wife works for “The Good Samaritan” from 7 am till 7 pm and with my pension, her salary and the social money for our children, it’s still very difficult to get by and live decently. All we have is stuff we got from people of good faith in God. Since I’ ve lived here, I never bought anything for myself, except clothes for the children and sometimes medicines.


During winter it’s really cold in here, and if the fire goes out during the night, we risk freezing. The window is broken and the wind gets through easily and if it rains heavily, it penetrates through into our home. In fall we need to start heating the apartment and in winter we need more wood than we can really afford. The other day, during a storm the rain penetrated the ceiling and, as we were not home to take any measures, it destroyed one of the beds. Now we cannot use it anymore, so I chose to sleep on the cement floor, for my wife and children to be able to sleep in the other bed. So far, I’m ok with that, but I do not know what I’m gonna do during winter. I hope that the new Casa Draga Casa home is going to make it better for us, so that at least my children get their chance to a better life.” Mr. Keri Iuliu

From 2003 the Keri family live in better condition thank to people like you.

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