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Remus, 25, and Magda, 23, are 2 young orphans from Bihor County and they both have had the same fate of being orphaned at 5 and 1 years old respectively. Later they have been raised in “Casa de copii Beius” (Beius State Orphanage), an institution that accommodated up to 750 children during mid eighties. Remus liked Magda since he was 15 and she was 13. Later they really fell in love with one another and married in 1999. A beautiful marriage resulted and 2 children: Marcu, 2 years old and Cristian, 11 months old. They form now a stable marriage. He works in the carpentry workshop of a local charity and Magda is at the end of her maternity leave and works for an Italian clothing manufacture. There was one thing that brought stress for their marriage. This was the issue of shelter. Rental and utilities are inaccessible for them. Hope came once they have been selected for a Casa Draga Casa apartment.

“Now I can have my nap after work hours. As we temporarily live in one room of a charity, children don’t make it possible to rest. In the new apartment, we’ll have 2 rooms to sleep in!” says Remus. Magda’s dream is to become a hairdresser and work on her own. “Finally we’ll have our own home. I don’t give up! We have made 200 hours of sweat equity by now.” Remus’ dream is to get a professional driver’s license and drive big trucks. When talking about their biggest sorrow, that’s not the housing. Magda says, “when Marcu gets his seizure (little boy is epileptic) again, then I get scared and weep.”

Little boys Marcu and Cristian won’t have to fear institutionalization again. A decent Casa Draga Casa home, loving parents and your support will make for these children a future better than for parents Remus and Magda.

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