Alex and his 20 older brothers

Jun 27, 2018

20 employees from Sykes Oradea jumped to help a younger brother Alex is a quiet child and always has a smile on his face. He’s 11 years old and lives in a village near Oradea. He’s just finished 6th grade … Continued

“If it’s Saturday, we’ll volunteer”

Oct 23, 2017

22 employees from Sykes, Oradea, volunteered at a widow’s house Even though most people spend their free time at end of their week in parks, or on terraces or even at the swimming pool, especially when it’s a beautiful autumn … Continued

Corporate volunteering is on the rise in Oradea

Jun 19, 2017

20 employees from Sykes in Oradea, volunteered at the home of a family with 6 children This weekend, Habitat pentru Umanitate Beius has received the help of 20 volunteers from Sykes in Oradea. They responded promptly to Habitat’s call for … Continued