International School of Stuttgart

Volunteers from International School of Stuttgart are back again in Beius

Volunteers from International School of Stuttgart are back again in Beius. They will build a hose for Pintin family in just a week! The Pintin family is composed of 5 members, Cornel, Lidia and their 3 children Silvia (5), Laurentiu (10) and Darius (12). For the past 3 years they have been living in rented accommodation, in 2 small rooms on the first floor of a very old house. During winter, they all sleep in the same room, to save on the amount of wood that is burnt because the rooms have very high ceilings and are difficult to heat.  At the same time they needed to sleep in 2 beds making the room even smaller. Meanwhile in summer, it’s really hot here and there are mosquitoes everywhere with the children having allergic reactions to them. The bathroom is very small and what is worse is that is doesn’t have a window or other form of ventilation, and you enter the bathroom direct from the kitchen.

Lidia found out about Habitat from a friend and this friend encouraged her to complete an application. She believes very much in the Habitat project and every time she has been asked to give a hand to help other families to build their homes, she was one of the first to respond.

“I’ve learnt of hard work from when I was small, coming from a family with 6 siblings. Since then I’ve worked hard, so when I work here on the worksite, it seems very easy.” said Lidia Pintin.

Our children really wish for their own home and especially their own room where they can invite friends or where they can do their homework in peace. They were so joyful when they found out that they would have a house.

“I was at my friend’s house and I saw how beautiful a room they had. I thought that I would never have my own room, but I prayed every evening that we would also have a house. Now I know that God listened to our prayers!” said Darius.

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