Big Build 2014

“World Habitat Day” is celebrated by Habitat for Humanity Romania through the 6th edition of the event BIG BUILD, which is taking place this year in 5 locations around the country: Caracal, Comănești, Cluj, Rădăuți and Şoimi.

BIG BUILD in Şoimi: Habitat for Humanity Beiuş is celebrating World Habitat Day through building a home together with the help of 9 volunteers from Northern Ireland, volunteers from the community and the Bunta family.

Habitat for Humanity Beius is celebrating UN World Habitat Day, which takes place this year on the 6th October, by organising the 6th edition of the event BIG BUILD, a national event of building, volunteering and promoting decent housing. Together with 9 volunteers from Northern Ireland, members of the local community from Soimi, Bihor county, Habitat for Humanity Beius will finalize the Bunta family’s home, a young family with 3 children who have been dreaming of a life in their own home.

The need of a decent home is even greater as the young couple are deeply involved in the spiritual life of the Roma community in the area, which they mentor and who seem them as role models.

Work on the Bunta family’s home started in the summer, also with the support of a team of volunteers from Northern Ireland and was then continued by volunteers from the USA and from within Romania.

Within BIG BUILD, Habitat for Humanity Romania builds and rehabilitates homes and community centres, together with Romanian and international volunteers, in poor areas and brings to the fore the issue of housing in Romania.
Between the 6th and 10th October, there will be construction events, volunteer events and the promotion of the need of decent housing around the country. In Caracal (renovation of the roof of a block of apartments in the Carpti Gheto in Caracal), Cluj (energy efficiency courses), Radauti (energy efficiency courses)

Since 1986, the first Monday of October has been declared by the United Nations “World Habitat Day”. Supporters across the world will join Habitat for Humanity in special projects organised on this occasion, to draw attention to the need of safe, decent and accessible shelter. Habitat for Humanity International and the UN recently signed a memorandum to jointly promote housing solutions worldwide through advocacy and awareness campaigns.

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