Over 200 volunteers built 4 homes in 10 days

200 Oradeans, employees from Celestica, united their forces and raised 4 homes for those less fortunate, as part of a project of Habitat pentru Umanitate Beius

After ten days (2nd-13th October 2017) of volunteer work by 216 employees from Celestica, symbolic keys of four homes were handed over at a ceremony on Friday afternoon. During those 10 days, volunteers nailed, raised walls, insulated, covered with roof with tiles and put the decorative plaster on the four dwellings that will be enjoyed by four families with special life stories.

As such, the beneficiaries of the homes include: a family with six children who for 18 years have been living in rental accommodation in improper conditions; A mother raising her daughter after the death of her husband after a long period of suffering, are also beneficiaries; Also a young family who have come from large families; And also a family who however much they have tried, haven’t even been able to get a credit for a studio apartment as they weren’t eligible because of their low-incomes.

“I am happy to be a volunteer this year as part of the project, but also to see that, after three years, the homes built back then, still look just as good now. This shows that our volunteers, my colleagues, have taken seriously this volunteer action each time. We have worked only with pleasure and a willingness to help those who need it and we will do it with love it as many times as it’s necessary,” says Cristian Gulicska, director of Celestica Oradea.

The festive moment at the end was full of emotion. In a warm atmosphere, the beneficiaries received a bouquet of flowers, a Bible and a symbolic key from the volunteers. Meanwhile the volunteers were rewarded with a volunteer certificate from Habitat. A plaque was mounted to mark the moment and the families with tears in their eyes and emotion in their voices, thanked all those who made it possible for their dreams to come true.

In the 8 years of partnership with Habitat, Celestica has involved 1703 employees, has helped financially and with volunteer work to build 15 new homes, 3 studio apartments, the raising of walls for 24 homes and the pouring of foundations for 11 homes. In total, they have volunteered 66 days to benefit those in need of a livable and healthy home.

More photos can be found in the facebook photo album using the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155840293297334.1073741950.61575062333&type=1&l=a9c30b67d7