New Global Village teams in Beius

3 teams of volunteers raise 3 Habitat homes in Beius.

40 volunteers from all the corners of the word, unite together to help needy families to live in decent conditions in Beius.

It’s Monday morning in Beius and nearly 40 volunteers making up 3 teams of volunteers from England, Canada and Holland start the construction of 3 studio apartments for Beiusians living in difficult conditions. Even though from the early hours it was very hot outside, the volunteers armed with sun cream, filled barrels with water, bags with nails and started work. By the end of the week, they want to finish the 3 homes and the beneficiaries can finally enjoy a decent shelter.

 “This year we started our work strongly with the Easter House and as we approached the summer, volunteers have become more numerous in our projects. See how we are now hosting three teams that have come through Habitat’s international program called Global Village and we’re happy to see some of them again who were here in Romania in recent years. In the case of the students, they spend their vacation in a special way, as enjoyable as an excursion, but very useful at the same time.”  said Marcel Coroiu, president of Habitat for Humanity Beius.

The beneficiaries of these 3 studio apartments are Claudiu Stoian (30 years old), Angela Tinca (60 years old) and Lacrimoara Ratiu (29 years old). They will have a bathroom, and bathroom and kitchen with living room.


Beneficiaries story

Claudiu Stoian
Claudiu lives with his parents and a younger brother, Gabriel, in a 2 room apartments in Beius. Claudiu sleeps in one room with his brother and his parents in the other room. The space is very small, with only just enough space to put all their personal items. The kitchen is small and the family members take it in turn to eat, in rotation.

Claudiu found out about Habitat a long time ago as he has some friends who have benefitted from a Habitat home, but he never thought that he could be helped by the Beius association. He asked the city hall to help him obtain social housing, but he did not meet the required score. He then thought of seeking Habitat’s help and it was with great joy when he found out he had been selected.

“I was really happy when I found out that Habitat had understood my situation and gave me the chance to obtain a home, especially since I didn’t have much hope after removing my application from the city hall” said Claudiu.

The foreign volunteers impressed Claudiu a lot, by the fact that they are always in a good mood “even if they have a wheelbarrow in their hands”.

Angela Tinca
Angela, after an unhappy marriage, remained to live with her daughter, Gabriela, in her parent’s apartment. That was until 10 years ago when her father died and her mother sold the apartment and moved in together with her sister. Angela then took Gabriela and moved into a rented studio apartment in Beius. After a short time, Gabriela got married and her husband came to live together with them.

Angela’s two grandsons were born and she needed to move again into another rented studio apartment.  The conditions are poor, with only communal toilets, without baths or showers. The space is very small and even if with the small amount of items that she owns, it’s hard to move around. For a single woman, a pensioner, it’s very difficult to live in these conditions and so she decided to call on Habitat to help her.

Angela says that she missed a bathroom the most where she lives now. In the evening or during the night, she goes to the communal bathroom with fear. Also, during the winter it’s really cold here and she has often had to sleep with many layers of clothes. Meanwhile in the summer it’s extremely hot and that isn’t good for her at all.

Lacrimioara Ratiu
Lacrimioara Ratiu was born 29 years ago in Arad. Her name (Lacrimioara means teardrop in English) has matched how her whole life has been one of suffering. She was abandoned by her parents and she grew up in orphanages in Ineu, Siria and Tinca where she remained until she became an adult. Once she left the state institutions she was alone and she ended up sleeping on park benches and sometimes at friends. She was lucky that at the age of 19 she was included in Good Samaritan Beius’ Noah Arc project, a project which integrates into society, youth who have grown up in orphanages or foster homes.

Good Samaritan found her a temporary home in a one room apartment and helped her find a job where she worked for many years until the factory closed. Another organization Caminul Francesco, which supports those with difficulties, helped Lacrimioara to manage the small amount of money she receives as benefits due to her handicap which she acquired due to the harsh conditions from when she grew up in the orphanages. They also support her with a hot meal each day and somewhere to wash whenever she has the need.

Because her disability allowance which she receives doesn’t allow her to find better rented accommodation, she currently lived in hard contitions where she uses communal toilets and bathroom. As such those from Caminul Francesco helped her to benefit from a Habitat home.

“The fact that I’ve lived in an orphanage, my biggest wish is to have a place of my own in which I can feel safe and I can at last feel at home. The existence of Habitat for Humanity gives me hope that I will fulfil my dream. I put my hope in God and his help and now what i didn’t ever believe was possible has become true: I’ll have my own house!” says Lacrimioara.
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