Eberspächer volunteers were at a height

A team of volunteers from Eberspächer gave a helping hand on Wednesday, to the renovation of a house within the project “Homes for a secure future” in Oradea, run by Habitat pentru Umanitate Beiuş

eberspacherOn Wednesday 27th September, several Eberspächer employees from Oradea joined the efforts of Habitat pentru Umanitate Beius to renovate a home within the „Homes for a secure future” project in Oradea. Within a year of opening the factory in the Oradea industrial park after an investment of 16 million euros, Eberspächer decided to involve its employees in social projects in the community. One of these first steps being that of today when many employees offered to volunteer to help with the roofing of a house to be renovated within the Habitat project.

“CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, is a value that our company values. You can not climb the heights to success with your hands in your pockets. So we decided that after we formed as a team, let’s give something back to the community in which we operate. The Habitat project is in line with our purpose and we are glad to help,” says John McLaren Jacobs, director of Eberspächer Oradea.

The volunteers had a beautiful experience and after a day of volunteering, although a little tired after having spent the whole day passing rooftiles, they still had smiles, returning to thier homes with thanks that they have after doing a good deed. They left behind 2 families who are happier as they’ve seen their dreams of having a home, take shape. And most have promised that they are looking forward to repeating the experience whenever they are asked.

“It was a day that I will not forget quickly. I spent a great day with my colleagues who were up high, both in their own and figuratively. To begin with, I did not think that a handful of people would be able to cover a house, but in the end I was very happy to see the outcome of our work and that we succeeded,” declares Loredana Dersidan, Eberspächer volunteer.

Founded in 1865 as a family business, the Eberspacher Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of exhaust systems, heating systems for motor vehicles and air conditioning systems for buses.

At the end of the project “Homes for a secure future” in Oradea, 30 families will enjoy safe, decent and healthy shelter.

More photos can be found in the facebook photo album using the following link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/habitatbeius/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155812150372334